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CGH Bruntonboatyard

    Fort cochin

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. Centuries ago, Geo Brunton and his family owned a boatyard here. Today, what stands is an unforgettable ovation to the legendary boat makers under the acronym The Brunton Boatyard. This CGH Earth property is steeped in history and every tiny detail has volumes to tell. A huge courtyard embellished with trees and a stone paved pathway leads you to an open reception. On the left of the reception lies the open lobby, a long rectangle space open from one side. A series of comfortable sofas units is lined along the open green lawn, while the opposite side has huge pictures of the bygone days of the Geo Brunton and Sons company. The end of the lobby takes a sharp left turn and here lies the tea lounge with a library for the guests to read. Hotel Facilities The proximity of various attractions in the Fort Cochin area is one of the biggest assets of the hotel.